Digital Product Development
Supporting the creation of website/application value through understanding
of the client's business and design from the user's point of view
Web Production

Strong support for business in total from strategy to design and development.

Smartphone Application Development

Medium- to long-term partnership from branding to attracting customers and sales.

DX support

DX support that transforms the business model from the same perspective as the management team.

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Empowered Branding
Create brand direction based on market and needs

We repeat dialogue and proposals with the client regarding the purpose of the web production, and formulate hypotheses and plan how to appeal to the user in order to achieve the objective.

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Web App Development
Appealing design that communicates corporate value

We aim to design information that is easy to understand, as well as creative and appealing design so that the "experience" on the website is associated with the brand.

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Price List

Production cost ¥1,000,000〜

※The cost will vary depending on your request.

Monthly Plan

Management agency plan

We provide full support to accelerate your e-commerce growth.



  • Site update work up to 6 hours a month
  • Monthly analysis report
  • Conducting regular meetings
  • Web consulting
  • Phone/chat support


¥50,000〜/Monthly+success fee

  • Site update work of 10 hours or more per month
  • Omnidirectional measures to contribute to sales
  • Monthly analysis report
  • Web consulting
  • Phone/chat support
  • Advertising operation


Can I cancel after making a production request?
Due to the nature of the service, we cannot accept cancellations or returns, so please consider carefully before placing an order.
Why is it possible to produce at a low price?
We can customize templates to streamline the initial production process. We offer production proposals tailored to your budget by working with external partners.
Please let me know the areas where you can handle production.
Basically, we accept requests from all over Japan. However, we may limit the region for productions that involve filming.
Are there any costs other than production costs?
In addition to the production cost, there may be additional costs for the introduction and use of necessary services such as installation of tools, linkage, server operation, etc., depending on the client's requirements.
Please feel free to contact us